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Question Daily

A platform for benign, exciting or important questions from sports, politics, or anything else. Make your claim and see what your friends think.

Fostering simple and directed exploration of the world’s big questions.

Answer a question - often a simple yes or no but sometimes with multiple choices. Seldom factual, more about forming an opinion and putting your stake in the sand. To help you make your choice, each question has several resources pulled from around the internet to support each view. You can also see what your friends said about the issue.

Example sports question: Will Lebron James surpass Michael Jordan?

Business question: Should space exploration be privatized?

Benign: If you could only go to one for the rest of your life - Taco Bell or Chipotle?

After you answer the question, you get the social feedback of what everyone else answered, including your friends. You can defend your position and try to persuade others - your words will be seen by others as they’re making their decision. You can also post the question to social media or directly invite others to answer the question.

If a large number of users had accounts with a lot of this opinion data attached, then I imagine it’d be useful for a variety of research.

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