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Pangea Chat

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Pangea Chat is an app to let you "learn any language while texting your friends." The hybrid mobile application uses Natural Language Processing APIs to facilitate conversation and generate practice activities from chats. I lead design and development. I recruited and manage the team of part-time developers working for equity stake. Alpha builds are available in Google Play, App Store, and as web app.

Time Zone X®


Time Zone X is a history game designed to span BrainPOP's many movie topics and provide meaningful assessment data to teachers. The game covers 300+ topics across Science, Social Studies and Art. Data is collected during game play, analyzed and displayed in the students and teachers MyBP dashboards. I designed the game, managed the development team and led artists and writers in content production.

Time Zone X® V2 Prototype

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While producing content for BrainPOP's Time Zone X, I designed and developed a second version for the game based on user feedback and product goals. V2 was not released but you can check out the prototype gameplay in the video below.

Guts and Bolts

Guts and Bolts is a K12 classroom game about body systems. Players help Moby build a robotic Tim, both popular characters of the BrainPOP movies. I worked on the BrainPOP design and production team.

Ecochains: Arctic Crisis

Ecochains: Arctic Crisis is a card game about the climate change-related stressors on arctic ecosystems. During graduate study at Columbia University, I worked on the design team for Dr. Joey Lee and the POLAR research group. Ecochains is available for order!

Food Fight

Food Fight is a two-player game about ecosystems. Players take turns adding plants and animals to a simulated ecosystem, performing targeted experiments while they seek to maximize their chosen animal's population. I was a member of the production team.



Greenify is a mobile real-world action game that fosters sustainability and learning through real world actions, allowing players to meaningfully address climate change in their day-to-day lives.  I worked on the design team as a graduate assistant of Dr. Joey Lee at Columbia University.


Sortify is an assessment game spanning 50+ BrainPOP movie topics. Our team of instructional designers created the game concept, built-in assessment collection and teacher dashboard for classroom analytics. I managed the team during development, led iterative design sprints, and managed artists and writers in content production.


BrainPOP's GameUp is a collection of 100+ educational games with standards alignments, lesson plans, and animated movies on related topics. I curated the collection of third-party titles, evaluating educational efficacy and coordinating with NGO, university, and corporate partners to host the games on GameUp.

Founder, Pangea Chat

April 2017 - Present

Designed and developed hybrid mobile application. Recruited and managed team of part-time developers working for equity stake Stack: Ionic, Cordova, Node.js, Heroku, MongoDB,, Express

Founder and Designer, LearnPlay Games

August 2015 - June 2018

Assembled and led design and development teams from Columbia University colleagues. Instructional design consulting for clients including BrainPOP, Nickelodeon, Brown Institute and Experiences Unlimited. Designed game to teach Weiqi through AI tutor that improves with learner for peer-to-peer plus one system

Instructional Designer, BrainPOP

August 2011 - August 2016.

Designed educational games and integrated assessment systems. Curated collection of 100+ third-party titles. Managed teams of developers, writers, and artists.

M.A. Instructional Technology and Media, Columbia University

Fall 2011 - Spring 2013

Studied the role of instructional technology in formal and informal education, cognitive and neuro- science, web development, and application design. Worked as graduate assistant and published several research articles.

B.S. Applied Mathematics, William and Mary

Fall 2005 - Spring 2010

Published work in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, Bistability in a differential equation model of oyster reef height and sediment accumulation.

Using cognitive science, game design and technology, I create intelligent and engaging learning environments.

The best of days are spent making something! With code, an instrument, Figma, just words, or LEGO, I love to go where we forget food and sleep.

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Working on a new approach to learning and would like some help? Let me know!

Instructional Design

Concept Development

Product Management

System Architect


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